Ajaxed Comments

Complete AJAX functionality in WordPress comments system. Inline AJAX comments, front-end moderation, time limited inline editing and error handling.

Features include:

  • Ajax front-end moderation
  • Ajax comment editing
  • Ajax handling errors
  • Edit published comment for a limited time
  • Option to set the editing time
  • Select comment statuses available for front-end moderation
  • Option to Delete a comment permanently
  • Show edit buttons only on hover
  • Highlighting comments
  • Select highlight colors
  • Animation effects for messages and editing
  • Option to hide error message after a period of time
  • Position error messages anywhere in the comment form
  • Select CSS style for comment buttons from none, WP default or Bootstrap
  • Select CSS style for error messages
  • .pot file for translations included

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79 comments on "Ajaxed Comments"

  1. Testing the plugin!

  2. hello another test wollte doch noch ändern

    • oder doch nicht?

    • Great!

  3. Obejrzę

  4. Works!

  5. test comment

  6. Will test this plugin soon

  7. do this post a comment without page reload?

    • It’s does everything in Ajax except comment posting. Too many comment plugins rely on that redirection (for example Subscribe to Comments, and many others) so we decided to keep it the way it is, ajaxify everything else and add new comment features.

  8. ajax test

  9. Test

  10. testing ajax comment

  11. test test test

  12. tester ajax forum testinggg :))

  13. Testing!

  14. Let’s see how it works!

  15. Testing the plugin

  16. Testing the plugin. Would like to see the admin side too.

    edit: I like the edit feature. Would also like Wysiwig editor, if possible, without slowing things down too much.

    • Just install and see how it works on your site.
      WYSIWYG editor is not the best idea for comments (for the security reasons), but maybe we’ll think of what we can do here in the future.

      • I have installed your plugin and I love it. Thank you. Also, thanks for the consideration of adding the option for WYSIWYG in the comments. Maybe you could just add it as an option with a note about risk or situations where it could be useful.

        Could you explain more about the security issues, so I can understand the risks involved? My site is not open to the public and registration is required to comment. Would this minimize the risk, since all of my users are trusted? Or, could the WYSIWYG feature still be compromised by a non-logged in user or bot.

        Also, please let me know if there is any way I can help. I’m not a coder, but, I would love to test or help in some other way.

  17. Thanks. love this plugin.

  18. Thanks!

  19. It seems there is a “bug”. I cleared the comment field and tried to save. An error message saying the field was empty was showing – logical. I wrote another text but I could not save it…

    • Thanks Li-An. Please, post it as a topic in Ajaxed Comments support forum. We’ll check that.

      • Like it

  20. Testing the plugin…

    • Testing

    • This is a test ! Works fine !
      Editable comments … great !!

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