bbPress Notifications

bbPress Notifications allows you to send email notifications to specific users when new topics or replies are posted.

This plugin integrates seamlessly into WP, by adding new section to bbPress settings page, where you can configure your notifications.

Features include:

  • Send notification when New Topic is published
  • Send notification when New Reply is published
  • Specify email addresses for notifications
  • Design email templates for topics and replies
  • Available shortcodes: [blogname], [reply-title], [reply-content], [reply-excerpt], [reply-url], [reply-author], [topic-title], [topic-url], [topic-author]
  • 1.0.0
  • Initial release

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14 comments on "bbPress Notifications"

  1. Thanks for your comment Anita :)

    Look’s like we’re removing all plugin settings on deactivation – we’ll change that for the future relese.

  2. Great plugin!

    Especially for low traffic sites like the one I run. It’s very specific and very targeted, so there will never be many members. Great to finally be able to get an e-mail to let me know there has been activity in the forums. I have missed that.

    Should you at some point find time to expand a bit, I would suggest that you made it possible for users to subscribe themselves (and unsubscribe of course). It would be absolutely perfect if that was possible.

    But just as it is, it’s wonderful. Love that I can respond instantly when someone writes, without having to check in on the site. Brilliant.

    I would suggest a small thing to fix easily: Tell us where to go for the settings and to enter the e-mails. I assume this can be done in the text shown next to the plugin on the list?

    Another small note:
    I upgraded my WP installation yesterday, and had to deactivate all my plugins. When I reactivated, my settings and text wasn’t saved for your plugin, but it is for others, so I think there must be a way to make sure it is saved? Perhaps it isn’t in the database? I don’t know how it works, but would be nice to be able to de- and re-activate without having to edit the texts again. Likewise, it didn’t save the two e-mail adresse I had put in there. Just for your information. No biggie, just a minor thing :)

    Thank you so much for making this plugin. Works like a charm.

  3. Bartosz – for starters, thanks so much for your attention to this! To answer your questions:

    1) as admin, I don’t get a notification when I post.

    2) as admin, I get notification of member’s post. I don’t know if they do.

    3) I don’t have it set up for replies. Been relying on the forum “subscribe” feature for that. Just concerned about new topic notifications.

    • It might be an email server thing.

      If you (as site admin) post a topic WP tries to send an email where sender and receiver email address is exactly the same (from site admin email to site admin email). Try to ask your hosting provider if that’s a situation your server can handle. If not, just use different email accounts for site admin and forum notifications.

      • Thanks again, Bartosz. I tried using a different email address for the forum notifications but it still doesn’t work for me. I suppose it’s a problem unique to my situation and that the plugin works well for others. I created a new email address ( and made that the only email address to receive notifications. Then I posted a new topic using my admin account ( and no notification was sent to If other members post a new topic the email address receive the notification.

        Before I installed your plugin I had another new topic plugin installed. I deactivated it when I installed yours, but perhaps I need to delete those plugin files altogether? That’s the only thing I think of it at this stage.

        Thanks again for all your help but you’ve spent enough time on my issue, so don’t feel you need to troubleshoot this any further for me. Appreciate all the thinking.

  4. Added my wife to the recipient list, posted a new topic, she never received a notification. So even if author’s don’t receive new topic notifications it seems others on the email recipient list aren’t receiving the notifications either.

  5. Actually, should probably confirm: does the author of the new post receive a new topic notification? If not, it’s possible the notification was sent, just not to me.

    • Notifications are sent to site admin’s email address (set up in general settings) and to email addresses specified in bbPress Forum settings (one email per line), for topic and replies separately. Notifications are not sent to the topic/reply authors – this is already handled by the bbPress itself.

      • Thanks Bartosz. Craziest thing though. I’ve specified recipients in the bbpress Forum settings, including my own (which is also in the general settings), and folks are receiving notifications of posts written by other members, but they aren’t receiving notifications of *my* new posts.


      • A couple of questions:

        1. Do you receive a notification when you (as site admin) add new forum post?
        2. What if any recipent (added to the recipents list) posts a new topic/reply – does he/she receive a notification? Do you (as site admin) receive one?
        3. Does it behave the same for topics and replies?

  6. Just installed. Posted new topic, but no notifications sent/received.


  7. I installed this but see no Settings link or place to add emails. Deactivate and Edit are the only options under Plugins. How do I enter mails?

    • You’ll find it in Forum settings page created by bbPress. bbPress Notification expands options included there.

  8. I used the plugin that is now no longer available online and downloaded your version yesterday. The interface looks the same… Yesterday, after installing the plugin and entering all emails (one on each line) your plugin did not work. Today, as I was writing this up here, a notification did come through.

    What can I do to make sure that notifications are 100% reliable? My setup is that bbPress Forums are all in a secured membership area and only members have access to them. bbPress with their latest updates, have now separated their roles from the WP roles. My members therefore are all identified as Participants but not all have a WP role assigned to them. What does your plugin need to see to reliably do its job? The older (discontinued) plugin worked only intermittently. Thanks for any insight.

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