Image Watermark

Image Watermark allows you to automatically and manually watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library.

Features include:

  • Choose the position of watermark image
  • Upload custom watermark image
  • Watermark image preview
  • Set watermark offset
  • Select post types where watermark will be aplied to images or select adding watermark during any image upload
  • Select from 3 methods of aplying watermark size – original, custom or scaled
  • Set watermark transparency / opacity
  • Protect your images from copying via drag&drop
  • Disable right mouse click on images
  • Disable image protection for logged-in users
  • .pot file for translations included
  • 1.0.0
  • Initial release

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71 comments on "Image Watermark"

  1. Hello, I love the great design of your plugin. Truly one of the great plugins.

    One problem though… When I am manually applying the watermark there is significant distortion in the watermark. It doesn’t work correctly. When uploading new images the watermark works wonderfully.

    Here is a link to demonstrate:

    • Thanks TJ,

      Please post a support topic on that one. Then we’ll ask you for some more details.

  2. This is a great plugin.

    I use it regularly.

    I have a question is how to use the Image Watermark Image Cache plugin (

    I use it to automatically take pictures of my host and then automatically Watermark Image.

    I urge you to help support me.

    I thank you very much

  3. Hello, when I select Image for the watermark I can’t see any option to do the job. I can see as options … insert into post and use as featured image, I tried both but no one did the job. Do I miss something ?

  4. hello everything was work for me exclude the watermark img
    I’m using this premium theme
    Probably is some conflict because other features working for me like drag drop right image disable etc.
    The theme have different path for uploads like wp-content/themes/realtorpress/thumbs
    Any Idea why i cannot se my watermark.png image on my pictures when uploading via submission form for properies

  5. Is this plugin working? I have installed but doesn’t seem to watermark my images. I keep getting an error message “Watermark will not be applied when no image sizes are selected.” I have no idea what image size this is referring to. Thanks for your help.

    • Please post it as a support topic in Image Watermark dedicated forum.

  6. When we want to save the settings, we got an error:

    “Watermark will not be applied when no image sizes are selected.”

    What can we do? There is no option for that…


    • Please post that kind of questions to the support forums.
      But of course there is option for that (3rd one from the top)

      • Don’t work in the support forums. Can’t post a new topic… oh man…

        ERROR: Captcha time expired.

      • Ok, we’ll change the captcha expiry time.
        Try again now.

      • Any update so we can post our error in the support forum?

      • Looks like you have found a bug in our Math Captcha plugin. Please, try to post this questions later.

  7. Does this plugin allow for manual watermark placement AFTER the featured image/post is loaded? Read on I ask, I have a client that uses blog posts to advertise deals. They use a featured post image. After a few days she wants the option to place a watermark over the image to denote that the deal is over. Will this plugin do the trick?

    • That’s exactly how manual watermarking in our plugin works.

      • Hi,

        This option “manual” doesn’t word for me. And if I disable Automomatic watermarking, it still watermark the imported images…
        I have avada theme on 3.6.1 WP version…. Any Idea ?
        Thanks for helping !


      • Please post this in the support forum.

  8. Thank you for the prompt correction of an error! The new version of the plugin works fine!

    • Can you tell me how do i set the watermark to the ratio proportional to the image. So if the image is really bid, the watermark increases in size.If it is a small image the watermark shrinks.

  9. Hello, the plugin worked fine, but today issued just such an error after changing the plug-in, I changed the original size of the custom. After which they began to issue such a mistake. I returned it as it was, but the error is gone … Help!

    Warning: getimagesize(…/wp-content/uploads/watermarkall.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …/wp-content/plugins/image-watermark/image-watermark.php on line 929

    • We’re currently working on a quick fix.

      • I rolled back to version 1.1.1, and all was working, the problem in a recent version 1.1.2.
        I hope you fix it quickly, your plugin is very good! Thank you for your excellent work!

  10. Hi first of all thanks for the great work in this plugin. however when I do a bulk watermarking on selected images, it says watermark successfully applied to 1 image. But no image gets watermark. But when I do watermarking on 1 image it works. Any help!

  11. The plugin is working to eliminate the ability to drag and drop and right click… but I can’t get the watermark to work.

  12. I love this watermark program! It is easy to use. and it is very flexible.

    It is great that I can apply the watermark to photos automatically or manually. I have created a couple of different watermarks in different colors. I have used Paint to create a diagonal watermark, which I set in the middle setting.

    I started using this on my new blog, and loved it so much that I installed it on my other blog (which I have had for over a year). I intend to bulk watermark all of my images on that blog.


  13. Apologies, I found the setting and applied it and it works brilliantly! – you can delete my previous comment if you like.

  14. It is a great plugin but you have falsely claimed it can do something it can’t. You need to remove the following line from the description of your plugin. “and bulk watermark previously uploaded images”.

  15. Can you disable or remove a previously applied watermark to images?

    • No. It’s just like working in Photoshop – after you saved your changes in file, its not possible to reverse it.

  16. It’s ready in 1.1.1. Just enable watermark and under Media Library Bulk actions you’ll see a new action – Apply Watermark. Just select images you want to apply watermatk to and click Apply. Maybe it’s not very intuitive – we’ll think of a quick fix.

    • Thank you for explaining – you should put this explanation in the docs, or the plugin description or FAQ on – since it’s kind of silly to have to come here and read through all these comments just to find out how to do this. :)

  17. i downloaded 1.1.0 but still no option for that. I see it’s not flagged yet on the to do list. do you think it will need much more time? it’s not a criticism on your fantastic plugin, i’m just eager to have it :)

  18. The plugin is perfect and simple. I’m using it since today, but I have a dramatical need for it to work also in the previous uploaded photos. I tried many systems to do that but no one of them worked and I think many people need something like that without having to touch code, which the major part of people can’t do. So Liz is right, please improve that system if you can, and everrybody will use this plugin!



    • We added that to our To-do list for Image Watermark 1.1 release

  19. Is there a way to apply the watermark to photos already uploaded? It seems to apply only to photos uploaded after I activated the plug-in. Thanks, great plugin otherwise!

    • Not at the moment. But I’m adding this to our To-do list.

  20. This is the first watermark plugin that actually worked to automatically watermarks to images on my site. Unfortunately, I still can’t use it. The reason being that I need an option in there to turn off the watermark for specific images in the WP upload dialogue. Having to navigate to the plugin settings and turn it off specifically if I am about to upload something I don’t want watermarked is not only cumbersome and unintuitive, but since I have other people accessing the site who work for me, but are blocked from specific administrative functions, such as changing/updating plugins, having to do that isn’t an option for them. Hopefully this is something you can address in a future update. :-)


    • Nice idea – please, make a post about it in the feature request support forum for Image Watermark

      • I need this feature as well! Has it been implemented?

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