News Manager

News Manager is a complete news management plugin for WordPress. It allows you to add, manage and display news on your WordPress site, including date archives, AJAX News Calendar, News Categories, News Tags and multiple news widgets.

Features include:

  • Easy to configure
  • Smoothly integrates into any theme
  • Yearly, Monthly and Daily archives
  • Ajax News Calendar
  • News Categories
  • News Tags
  • Custom permissions for News
  • 5 News widgets
  • Compatible with WPML
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Customizable permalink structure
  • .pot file for translations included
  • 1.1.0
  • Multisite support
  • Add option to force news instead of posts on home page
  • Add option to hide date in news widget
  • More News link option in news widget
  • 1.0.0
  • Initial release

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31 comments on "News Manager"

  1. then pls leave some hints here or in my email. I need it badly. Touch of noob’s hand may damage the nice plugin !!

    • It’s the most basic CSS I can imagine. Google will tell you everything about font size.

  2. Hello,
    I just setup and configured the plugin according to my needs; and everything is ok except one.
    I’ve added it into my blog’s footer widget. The size of the title of news is same as the title size of article. But I want to see it smaller as the title of recent posts. Is it possible? pls help…thanks for the wonderful plugin :)

    • Hi,
      Of course you can do that with a bit of custom CSS added to your theme. The plugin itself does not control that.

      • thanks for the reply..can you pls give me the css code and where to apply….I’m noob in that :(

      • I’m sorry but this is not the type of support we can provide.

  3. i need the default field “menu_order”, but i can’t find a way to display it.

    • Menu order is available for custom post types of a “page” type while “news” is a post type of a “post” type, so it’s not available for news. You can force this however by adding page attributes for “news” post type using WP add_post_type_support function and your custom code.

  4. Hi,
    I want to display list of news on the front page of my website are there any short codes for it or any documentation which can help us .

    • Just make a custom query using WP_Query or get_posts() function. News is a custom post type named “news”

  5. Hi,

    I’m using News Manager Plugin in my website “”. I’ve enabled News Tags and News Categories, but its not work


    • Then post a topic on support forum and describe the issue in detail.

  6. Hello, please multisite support. How do I transfer news content to other pages within a further domain multisite


  7. Hi,

    I’ve added news list on my home page successfully, but problem is on the news page I could not see “Page Attributes” like WordPress Page create option, Also the featured image on news page could not show in my news page.

    Please help me..


    • And that’s correct. News is not a page, but a post type archive. If you create a page “news” and your permalink plugin setting is set to “news:” the archive page will be displayed. That’s how WP works.

      When it comes to the display: by defaultit’s handled by archive.php and single.php files, not page.php.

  8. What does “including date archives” mean in your description of the News Manager plugin?
    I am looking for a News plugin that will allow one to set the event date, after which that news item will be archived.
    If this plugin does that, I have not discovered the setting that enables it.

  9. Hi,

    One quick question. After the News Manager Plugin was installed and activated, if I visit:

    It displays the list of news posts, which is cool apart from one thing: the title of this page says “Shop” instead of something more relavent, say “News”. How do I change it?

    • OK. I figuredit out myself. I had to edit the header.php to make the change.

      Now, another issue. The news post editor does not allow me to add any sider bar. However, when a piece of news post is displayed, it shows left siderbat with empty content. Any idea?

      • Brian, if you want us to take a look at that please post a support ticket with a link to your site..

  10. Hi There,

    I want to show the latest news in my home page or in a post. Can you please provide us the short-code. It will be a great help.

    Looking for your co-operation ..:)


    • Harsh, please post this as a feature request in NM support forum here:

  11. Looks very nice!

  12. hello I am using the minimalist theme SPUN I downloaded your plugin to create a faux blog style page, but I can not get the “read more” feature to work in the news posts.
    also can you direct me to some web site that are using this plug in
    Can you help me out with this.

    Thanks in advance

  13. How customizable is this?

    • Please post a topic and explain what would you like to customize.

  14. please give me a shortcode this plugin i want to sreate a single news page

    • It doesn’t require any shortcodes. It’s as simple as writing and displaying a post.

  15. Hey guys. You plugin may be really cool and stuff, but you have to explain people how to use etc.

    • Ivan, it works just the same as publishing and editing posts, using a widget to display news archives etc. But if you’re having problem just post a support topic and describe it as precisely as you can.

  16. If you have any issues with the plugin please post a support topic here:

  17. On my site it is the problem with this plugin( I can’t add widgets).

    Has anyone of you the same problem?

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