17 plugins, 2,141,359 downloads and more to come.

WordPress Coding Standards

We try our best to make our plugins comply with the coding standards recommended by WordPress. As a result, you are guaranteed to use secure and optimized tools.

Multilanguage Compatible

We live in a global world where people communicate in different languages. That is why we make sure that all our products are compatible with plugins which allow creation of multilingual Wordpress websites (especially WPML & Polylang).

Responsive Ready

Responsive design is all the rage these days. Hence each plugin we create is meant to be mobile friendly and easy to customize by web designers and developers.

Just released

Masonry Image Gallery


Responsive Lightbox extension. It allows you to easilly convert your default gallery into Pinterest / Tumblr like photoset.

$14.90 More

Strip Lightbox


Responsive Lightbox extension. Strip is a unique lightbox that slides out from the edge of your screen and only partially covers the page.

$14.90 More

Justified Gallery


Responsive Lightbox extension. Change the native WordPress gallery to a gallery that nicely fits your images into a justified grid.

$14.90 More

From the Blog

Cookie Notice as one of the Best 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month for September

It’s not the first time one of our plugins get that kind of recognition but it’s always nice when people appreciate our work. Recently ManageWP, a popular WordPress service featured Cookie Notice, a small plugin that helps you generate and display sitewide cookie notification, as one of the Best 10 […]

2 new plugins, simple but handy

We have just released two simple but handy plugins. Post Views Counter Post Views Counter enables you to gather page view data from your website and present it to the users. It includes the possibility to make unhampered decisions upon whose page views will be counted, allowing you to exclude […]

How to get_terms for post type

By default WordPress get_terms function does not provide post type argument. But we've developed a solution for this.

The summary of 2013 and future plans

For many reasons the 2013 was a special year for all of us here at dFactory. First, it was a time of our “coming out” to the WordPress community. After a couple of years of commercial work with WordPress, bulding hundreds of websites and other WordPress based projects we decided […]

Our Events Maker named Script of the Day at Softpedia

We’re happy to announce that one of our plugins, Events Maker, was named Script of the Day at Softpedia, the largest (over 1,000,000 items) free software library on the Web. As Softpedia reviewers stated: Events Maker is for WordPress addicts, seamlessly integrating with the WP backend, providing a very very […]

New plugin release: Download Attachments

We’ve been working on this for some time now, and finally it’s tested and ready to go. The idea of that plugin was to provide a simple and straightfoward download manager for WordPress. There are some good download managers available (some of them unfortunatelly outdated or not being actively developed) […]