Download Attachments

Download Attachments takes a new approach to managing downloads in WordPress. Instead of bloated interface it provides easy to use, drag & drop and AJAX driven interface, allowing you to insert and manage your Media Library files and automatically or manually display them after, before or inside any post content.

Features include:

  • Based on Media Library attachments
  • Automatic or manual download links display
  • Select post types where Download Attachments should be used
  • Downloads count
  • Drag & drop files ordering
  • Easy customisation of Frontend & Backend display
  • Pretty URLs for download links
  • Custom download slug
  • Custom permission for metabox display
  • Option to select from all Media Library files or only those attached to a post
  • 2 shortcodes
  • 5 functions and multiple filter hooks for developers
  • Option to use caption and/or description for download links
  • Compatible with WPML & Polylang
  • .pot file for translations included
  • 1.0.0
  • Initial Release

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38 comments on "Download Attachments"

  1. Hello, why this plugin dont display inserted links or any HTML in description of attachments. Need this, help, please! Thanks!

    • For security reasons. But that’s a good idea to enable HTML for captions.

  2. I may be being an idiot here, but where do I use this plugin?

    I can find the settings area, but can’t actually see how to actually upload files etc! It isn’t in the left hand admin panel (that I can see) and doesn’t appear to be integrated into the media library.


    • Isis, you attach files to download in the edit screen for selected post types in the WordPress admin.

  3. Hi there,

    plugin doesn’t work when I recently update to newest version.

    Is there any way to repair it? It’s kind of important for me, because we are bulding a new website for our corporation and this is a really handfull plugin.

    best regards,

  4. How do you attach multiple files. I seem to only be able to attach one file per post?

    • Yes, of course. You can attach as many files as you want.

  5. Hello, I just added the plugin and this is the shortcode I used in a page: [download-attachments container=”div” title=”Attachments” style=”none” display_icon=”0″ display_user=”1″] . It runs, but i see nothing. Is there a way to debug it, see what fails?

    Thank you.

    • Please post a support topic with a link to your site.

  6. That is great, how quickly you added this new feature. Thank you very much again for a great plugin. It works, and I can change the icons now.
    One thing though… in your 1.0.3 update you changed all the classes from names with underscores to names with hyphens instead, and that cleared my css styling, så I had to change that. In the future, please don’t change the current class-names. Thank you :)

    • Yes, sorry for that. It was supposed to be with hyphens since plugin first release, as it is our (and many others) CSS standard. THere will be no more surprises like that in the future.

  7. Great Plugin, and it works really well. But one thing I’d like to change is the icons for different filetypes, that appear frontend by the attatchment. How can I link to my own icons without breaking the link when I update the plugin some time in the future?

    • Good idea. We’ll add appropriate CSS classes to each of attachment links in the future update. This will allow you to modify according to your needs.

    • Martin, since 1.0.3 there are CSS classes applied to each of the file types so can remove builtin icons (in plugin settings for e.g.) and use your custom ones with just a bit of CSS.

  8. Sorry if this ends up a duplicate – I need the attachment to show up on the front page “Excerpt” but it only shows when you click on the post itself. Blog is set to display full posts on the main page. Need to be ultra simple for end users, ie no short code, just point and click! Thanks!

    • It can be done of course. Just please post this on dedicated plugin support forum here:

      • Thanks again, posted it in the support forum where it belongs!

  9. How I make possible translation of .attachment_date, .attachment_user, .attachment_size, .attachment_downloads ( ex. Date added: 04/12/2013 23:35 Attachment size: 279 kB Downloads: 0) in Romania language ? I modified the file download-attachments.pot but it did’t work. Please help me !

    • You need to create a separate translation file for your language – read about it here:

      But if you saved that as download-attachments.pot just open it again and save as download-attachments-ro_RO.po (the .mo file will be generated automatically).

      Of course, we would be happy if you send us your translation so we could include it in the plugin’s next release :)

  10. Very curious about one thing: Is it possible to add these attachments into my list of sales items? For example, could I write a book review and include a download for the book on the page – but only after the visitor has paid for it (affiliate link)? Or, even more important, could I write a review of my own materials (say an ebook) and include a download link for it – again, only after they have paid through woocommerce or something.

    Is any of this possible with this AJAX-powered plugin? I’d love to start using AJAX-powered downloads for my affiliate marketing as well as marketing my own publications.

    Does anyone have any solutions? I would really appreciate it!


    • Hello Darren,

      It was not an idea of the plugin, but this COULD be achieved. But for now you’d have to create a code to handle locking access to download links and to downloading itself.

      When it comes to AJAX – it is used on the backend of the site, in Download Attachements metabox. Just try it yourself and see if it suites you.

      • good

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