Events Maker

Events Maker is an all-in-one events manager plugin for WordPress that was created in usability and flexibility in mind. It’s main features are easy events management, multiple tickets & pricing, builtin Ajax Calendar and WPML compatibility.

Features include:

  • Easy Events management
  • Built using WordPress custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom post fields
  • Ajax Events Calendar
  • Multiple Tickets and Pricing
  • Event Categories and Tags
  • Event Ogranizers
  • Organizers contact details
  • Event Locations
  • Google maps
  • Customizeable template files
  • Google Rich Snippets ready
  • 6 Events widgets
  • 26 custom functions
  • Advanced hooks for developers
  • Custom permissions for Events
  • Compatible with WPML & Polylang
  • Compatible with SEO plugins
  • Customizable permalink structure
  • .pot file for translations included
  • Future
  • iCal & Google Calendar integration
  • Booking system / events registration
  • Front-end events submissions
  • Feature: Events search & filtering
  • Multiple shortcodes
  • 1.0.0
  • Initial release

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43 comments on "Events Maker"

  1. Hi,

    congratulations for your great plugin !!!!
    i’m using it for a multilangage website (English / Dutch / French).
    but (unfortunatly for me !), UK doesn’t use Euros France and Netherlands do.
    So is it possible to select the currency for each event and so bypassing the default value that has been setup ?

    thanks !

    • There is a way to do this, but you need to dive into EM code looking for a em_get_currency_symbol filter hook – located in includes/core-functions.php

      Using this filter you could modify the price and/or the currency symbol displayed according to the current language. The currency will remain the same in the admin, but on the frontend you can do anything with it.

      • thanks a lot !
        it’s working fine !!!!

  2. Hello and thanks for this nice Plugin!

    There is an error in one of the css-Files: (Version: 1.1.6)

    Line 57: none repeat scroll 0 0 #365eab

    should maybe be:
    background: no-repeat scroll 0 0 #365eab;

    Best regards,
    Sascha Brendel

    • Thx Sascha,
      Looks like it should not be there at all.

  3. hi! i want to redesign widget but can’t find where files on hosting are
    could you help me?

  4. Is it possible that users that visit our site can add events to our calendar whithout a user in our WordPress?

    We are a youth organisation that wants to use this as an event calendar for what our members do. So if it is possible for members to add events directly from the website (without logging in to WordPress), an that we as administrators had to accept the event before it was plased in the calendar.

    Do you have a function as this? If you dont, is this in your future plans?

    It looks like a great calendar app:)

    • Thank you Joachim.

      This is one of the most complex features to do – definitely it will be available with Events Maker in the future but unfortunatelly it’s not yet been developed.

      • Do you know when this feuture will be available?:)

      • In 2-3 months probably

      • Hi. Do you have any news for the release date ?
        In any case, very nice work. Thanks for it!

      • We’re having a holidays right now but there is a list of smaller features/bugfixes to arrive before front end posting.

  5. Is it possible to make a FREE with RSVP option?

  6. Hello Jae,

    I love the plugin. I’m just wondering why not or do you plan to develop it to actually sell and process tickets and not just a link where they can be bought. This is a beautiful and clean plugin and this would make it all encompassing? Any plans or any other open source plugins that integrate well with what you have there? THanks.

    • Gilded, there is a long list of features we’re planning for Events Maker (including selling tickets, processing payments, booking spaces, freontend submissions etc.), but for the moment we’re focused on some new, advanced plugins. Unfortunatelly we’re small team and can’t handle everything at once, even tough we’d like to. So this one just has to wait.

  7. I installed this, but it broke my website site and I had to go into my FTP to manually delete it. As soon as I activated the plugin, all I got was a white screen. I couldn’t get back onto my Dashboard. The only think for me to do was to delete it. Pity. Looked like it could have been a good plugin. Perhaps it’s not compatible with WordPress 3.8.

    • Hi Jae. The plugin is fully compatible with 3.8. White screen means there was a fatal error somewhere at you rsite. But it doesn’t mean it was coused by Events Maker even tough it showed up after it’s activation. Please read about WordPress debugging and enable that to see if you have any errors at your site. Then install the plugin to see what really happens (what kind of errors it throws) and post that info in a plugin support forum here.

  8. It would be nice if it worked :>(

    • It works. If it doesn’t work for you just post a topic and link to your site. In most cases it is a theme or other plugin issue.

  9. HI,
    I really love your Events Maker plugin. However, the most important functionality I need is listed under the future category, which is the front-end user submission.
    Do you guys have an estimated time of release? I’d really really love to use this plugin.

    • Hello Chii,

      We’d like to develop that feature before the end of the year, but I don’t know if we succeed. We’re working on a couple of new plugins, which we’d like to release before diving into Events Maker again. But you could do something in the meantime – please post a new topic with this feature request and describe as precisely as possible, how would YOU like frontend submissions to work, maybe others will join and share their wishlist for that feature too.

  10. I installed the plugin, I see the widgets, I installed the calendar widget. haven’t got a clue how to install the app to my site so we can add events…

    • Please post that kind of questions in dedicated support forum.

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